About Unipart Group

Who are we?

We are part of Unipart Group, a global business that brings together manufacturing, logistics and consultancy in a set of products and services that create imaginative solutions for its customers. Unipart Group employs thousands of employees worldwide and has an annual turnover of approximately £750 million. It is a leading UK manufacturer, full service logistics provider and consultant in operational excellence.

Unipart Group Divisions

Through its global operations, Unipart works with clients across a wide range of sectors across multiple divisions. Many divisions have been active in North America for a number of years – with major automotive, health, technology and rail companies being part of our client base. 

Learn more about the Unipart Group Divisions that support our solutions in North America


Unipart Rail are experts in supply chain and technology solutions for the rail industry. Unipart Rail is the preferred supply partner for many rail customers and a critical part of their supply chain, providing a wealth of world class rail products and technologies across infrastructure, signalling, rolling stock and depot operations.


Unipart Manufacturing provide a complete manufacturing, engineering and supply chain solution to multiple sectors and wider industry. Their unique approach is under pinned by three core lean principles; process efficiency, continuous improvement and the elimination of waste.


Unipart Logistics is a global logistics provider, working with leading organisations to optimise end to end supply chain processes. Their aim is to constantly search out imaginative and transformative opportunities that go beyond traditional logistics, helping customers sustain and build their competitive advantage.

Expert Practices

Unipart Expert Practices is the Consultancy arm of Unipart that delivers real business benefit through the implementation of Lean and Continuous Improvement delivered by Unipart Practitioners with operational and consultancy success.

Responsible Business

We believe Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) is about doing well by doing good. We understand that this is not simply altruism but commercially sensible and as such it is embedded into everything we do, every day. In removing waste from every aspect of our business and our supply chains, we continue to conserve scarce environmental resources. 

We use creativity before capital to solve problems and address issues, finding solutions that are low cost in terms of energy resources as well as in terms of cash. 

By engaging with our local communities we can help to improve the employability and life prospects of those living within the community and develop local economies as well as positively impacting the well-being of our employees and their families.

The Unipart Way

At the heart of our Group is The Unipart Way – our standard way of working that has been developed over more than 20 years. 

It is a philosophy of working that inspires efficiency, flexibility and outstanding customer service in any process. It combines the best tools and techniques of lean thinking with a commitment to engaging employees at every level of the organization.

It not only motivates people, it equips them with the skills to diagnose problems and create innovative solutions that will make a dramatic difference.

Unipart people consistently strive to deliver better than expected results through their high levels of engagement, underpinned by our operational excellence. It’s what we call Performance through Engagement.