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Innovative Manufacturing

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Track Circuit Assistor (TCA®)

Temperature Control Unit (TCU)

Improves Track Shunting when rails are contaminated with rust. The build-up of rust on rails can prevent the track circuit being activated when a train passes. This problem is overcome with the TCA® fitted to DMUs.

The Temperature Control Unit (TCU) system is designed to control the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system of a rail vehicle and provide real time condition information on the current state of the HVAC operation.

Signaling and Indication Products

Taking LED signal performance, safety and reliability to an unprecedented level

Wayside Signaling

Wayside ColorLITE Module Series

Wayside SearchLITE Module Series

The Wayside ColorLITE Module Series is fully compliant with AREMA C&S requirements and have been mechanically fit tested to a wide variety of incumbent Colorlight and Searchlight signal housings.

The ColorLITE series is designed to be compatible with most interlocking controllers and does not require any software or circuit design modification to install.

The Wayside SearchLITE Module Series has the same physical footprint as the ColorLITE series and has been mechanically fit tested to a wide variety of incumbent Colorlight and Searchlight signal housings.

The unit has been successfully tested already on the following 12v interlocking systems: Relay, AC Relay with DC bias, EC4, iLOK, MicroLOK 2, VHLC, ElectrologIXS.

Wayside User Guide
Wayside Signaling White Paper
Rail Capabilities Brochure

Assisted Lift Trunnion

HD Assisted Lift Trunnion

To increase worker safety and reduce installation time, Unipart Dorman has developed a new assisted lift trunnion (ALT) which uses progressive rate spring technology to reduce the lifting force required as the post is moved from the horizontal to the vertical plane.

The HD ALT uses a double spring configuration to deliver the same lifting force characteristics as the original ALT but enabling it to be used with heavier, more complex head types and taller posts.

Paradigm Insight

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Paradigm Insight is Instrumentel‘s web portal allowing you to manage your assets from any device with an internet connection.

View information in graphical map views with advanced algorithms
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