A new innovative approach to tie handling!

Combining innovative design and precision manufacture

We have a new approach to an old problem – how to make a spreader beam robust without it becoming too heavy.

Combining innovative design and precision manufacture, the Tie Spreader is a robust, reliable and easy to use Tie Spreader beam, which can be used for handling most types of tie and is available in multiple variants of up to 28 ties.

A unique-motor driven spreading system keeps the beam balanced at all times and the tie spacing can be quickly changed to suit different track specifications.

The aluminium alloy frame design allows strength to be applied where it is needed the most – in the tie grab legs, providing the most reliable device in its class.

The Tie Spreader is a strong, safe, accurate and efficient solution to global tie handling – watch the video here and download our brochure for more information.

Our solutions for rail and track handling are already improving performance and productivity for our customers across the world, find out more on our website here or get in touch with us at  railplant@westcodeus.com 

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