Unipart launches new sustainable energy monitoring system

We are delighted to announce the launch of Unipart’s new system, Eco Insight. This innovative system will help businesses reduce costs, monitor carbon and energy consumption across commercial and industrial buildings allowing more sustainable decisions to be made.

Powered by the Instrumentel Paradigm Insight system, and using non-invasive monitoring devices, the system harvests data in real-time, and harnesses the power of Instrumentel data analytics to provide immediately actionable information.

Josh Kimberling, Instrumentel Managing Director said “We are deploying this technology at our own sites to help us identify high-energy areas, pinpoint where we can improve consumption, and reduce our estate costs. As a business, we know that others are wrestling with huge energy costs, and Eco Insight will help to manage them effectively.”

Paige Harris, Commercial Manager added “This technology builds on our years of data science in multiple sectors, and enables us to bring powerful tools into the hands of facilities, operations and HSE teams across every type of business. We are truly excited by the potential of Eco Insight to help in delivering net zero commitments.”

The Eco Insight system helps companies achieve sustainability goals and make more informed decisions about their resources. Instrumentel is committed to supporting companies take action through data insight, so they can meet their environmental targets in an effective and efficient way. 

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Adding value with:

Corporate Social Responsibility, Delivered Innovation, Increased Performance, Optimized Costs, Reduced Risk