Vehicle Activated Signs

It has been independently proven and universally accepted that the most effective way to achieve a long term adjustment in driver behaviour towards inappropriate speed is to establish a multi-faceted targeted strategy which is consistent, clear in its message, reasoned and educational.


Our approach to Vehicle Activated Traffic Calming Signage is unique, our expanding range of LED based VATCS are designed to provide a consistent and clear message in accordance with already recognized MUTCD standards, to help educate and change driver behaviour to unsafe speeds and highlight certain road hazards in a proven effort to make roads safer in your community.

We have a dedicated team of electronic and mechanical engineers who have built up an unrivalled knowledge of LED radar activated signs for a variety of applications including traffic calming, hazard warning and driver awareness.

Further information on our VATCS product range including product downloads can be found below.

 A copy of our Road Capabilities Brochure can be downloaded here.

Posted Speed Limit (Canada)


Posted Speed Limit (USA)


Driver Feedback Sign – DF15 Model


School Zone(Canada)


School Zone (USA)


Dynamic Curve Warning (Canada)


Dynamic Curve Warning (USA)


Advance Traffic Control (Canada)


Advance Traffic Control (USA)


Cyclist Ahead (Canada)


Cyclist Ahead

LED Chevron – Steady Burn SBC109(Canada)


LED Chevron – Sequential SBC109 CMRU (Canada)


LED Chevron – Steady Burn SBC8 Model (Canada)


LED Chevron – Steady Burn SBC8 Model (USA)