Manufactured Products

We listen to and understand our customers needs, enabling us to
deliver innovation with true value.

We have over 140 years experience in developing products and solutions that deliver real benefits without compromising safety and performance in a challenging environment of a safety critical nature.


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    Why collaborate with us

    Our Leading innovations: We lead with unique innovations such as Wireless Sequential LED Work Zone Taper Guides and VATCS, which address real challenges and deliver real value. –

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    Our Commitment: We collaborate with our customers by listening to their needs and aspirations, this has brought truly innovative solutions to life across the world and provides a solid platform of expertise to deliver cost-effective and efficient, reliable innovative solutions across the rail network.



    HVAC products are manufactured to design, overhauled and serviced, we offer split systems, roof mounted and cab units.

    3D Printing

    We make effective use of 3D printers to transform our CAD designs into a product that our customers can touch and feel.  This also allows them to appreciate the actual functionality and it also enables ‘fit and function’ tests to be undertaken before referring to full production.


    Obsolescence Management

    Product summary



    Improving track shunting when rails are contaminated with rust, the build up on rust on rails can prevent the track circuit being activated when a train passes.  


    Levelling Valves

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    Temperature Control Unit (TCU)

    The Temperature Control Unit (TCU) system is designed to control the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system of a rail vehicle and provide real time condition information on the current state of the HVAC operation.