Maximising productivity for rail maintenance projects

The Challenge

The traditional method of removing Pandrol E-Clips and PR-Clips is a time consuming, manual process conducted by a team of up to 30 workers using keying hammers

In addition to being challenging to remove, stuck clips can fly at high speeds, potentially injuring and risking the safety of rail workers.

Sleepers and ties can also be damaged as a result of the steel wire reinforcement rusting and expanding, placing stress on the concrete. In these conditions, a heavy blow to the clips can cause the concrete to fracture, destroying the sleeper/tie. 

The Solution

The EDC15 E-Clip De-Clipper is the fastest and safest solution for removing Pandrol PR and E-clips in re-railing and re-laying operations.

Simple to use, safe, fast and proven on the rail infrastructure, the machine can remove clips from one or two rails at up to 2.5 miles of track per hour. On average, 2 clips are removed per second.

The machine removes clips via a spring system, designed to limit the maximum load applied to the clips, preventing any damage to the sleepers/ties. The design of the machine encloses the clips, keeping them on the ballast and preventing them from flying, therefore easing the task of re-installation when the work is complete.

The Result

By using the E-Clip De-Clipper, productivity and efficiency are improved, resulting in higher output and increased safety. 

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